Dog Treats - The good, the bad and the ugly

Dog Treats – The good, the bad and the ugly



What makes a good dog treat 

Do you give your dog treats ? Do you know what is in your Dog treats ? In this post we look at what could be in the treats you give your dogs and what is a good healthy treat that you could give them instead. 

This post started out as a basic review of  The Cornish Barkery and the wonderful dog biscuits they bake. They sent us a few different types to try and believe me our lot never turn down a doggie choc chip cookie. They went down a treat. I tried them with my two dogs and so did the guys on our Facebook group All Things Dog

See this review from Jessica from our group…

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Or Boris and Deefa who’s mummy posted this photo and said that they like their Cornish Barkery Pork & Basil Sausage Biscuits!To buy click here

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So I was going to post that my dogs loved The Cornish Barkery biscuits over all other biscuits, that my dogs would choose these over anything else offered to them, but I have realised that this was not the post I wanted to write.  In fact to sell these homemade biscuits to you on the premise that my dogs would eat them over anything else is a lie .. honestly I just caught Dinky Daisy in the field eating  sheep pooh !  It’s not the first time – she came in once with a lump of it stuck to the top of her head looking innocent like she had not been munching her way through a pile of the stuff ! So the truth is my dogs will really eat anything from gourmet dog biscuits to pond weed, yes we have had that eaten too. It comes down to what I want my dogs to eat, I am the owner, I need to give them healthy, real food – not chemicals, colouring’s, poor ingredients that can do them harm.

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Dinky Daisy

Writing this review, as it started,  sent me down a slightly different road to what I had planned. I am now looking at what is in other dog biscuits, compared to these. I started to question why it was that  the best before date on the The Cornish Barkery dog biscuits gave me a couple of months  but when I looked at a box of supermarket, big brand, dog biscuits they did not go off for a whole year, what’s in a dog food that lets it last that long? Why such a difference?

Think I need to investigate this a bit more…

I love that when I read the ingredients on the The Cornish Barkery that I immediately understood them

Take the Choc Chip Cookies;

wholemeal flour, dog-friendly chocolate chips, water

Choc Chip Cookies

I understood and recognisied every ingredient – I am happy to give these as a treat to my dogs. If I am giving my dogs a treat with these I know I am giving them real food. Happy dogs and happy owner.

Compare this to the ingredients I found on a box of big brand dog treats

Meat and Meat Derivatives
Vegetable Protein Extracts
Various Sugars
Oils and Fats
Milk and Milk Derivatives
With Antioxidants

  Meat Derivatives, Vegetable Protein Extracts – what are these ?

  Milk Derivatives …what?

  and various sugars..ummmm

Looks like a bit of a complicated list to me and I am unsure what many of these are…

I am no food scientist – and to be honest nor are most of us – I want to look at the label and know what I am giving my dogs . How about you ?

If you want to join in the discussion on the above points then please leave a comment or visit our Facebook Group All things Dog and join in there.

If you would like to purchase a Dog Barkery product please click  to visit The Cornish Barkery

I did not make money from the links in this post and all views are my own and I would love to hear your views on the subject of ingredients in dog food and biscuits.

Emily, Grace and Dinky Daisy x

10 thoughts on “Dog Treats – The good, the bad and the ugly

  1. I am very careful about what I give my dogs both for regular food and treats. Unless they are natural treats with the ingredients listed, I don’t buy the. I ma thinking about making my own soon.

  2. This is all really interesting. I try to make the majority of my dog food and treats at home, so it’s always great motivation to keep doing that when i see things like glycerol on a dog treat label. Thanks for sharing!

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