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How to make a hundred pound business grow- How to be new at Blogging – week 2

My 100 pound business – Blogging for beginners – Week 2

So this week  has been all about being a ‘newbie’ , a ‘newbie’ at blogging and what that means to me. Below are a few tips for blogging beginners 

I am what is called a’newbie’ at this blogging and business owner thing – ‘newbie’ – that’s what you are called on the circuit. New; New at  joining established blogging communities, in  blogging Facebook groups and other online groups, new at asking for sponsorship, reviewing and writing in a certain style. In the first week, you are just failing around in the dark and are happy when you manage to put code in the right box and you test it in ‘visual’ and it comes up as a picture and not just a long list of words and numbers! By now though you have had time to talk to other bloggers, see their work and join some groups and you realise that you are at the bottom of a huge blogging mountain ! 

I won’t lie after seeing people selling similar items to mine on Ebay, and seeing much more seasoned dog shop owners and their online shops,my triumph of getting my little Yogadogs labels through the post I was getting seemed to have lost its shine now – I had the might as well give up now feeling. 

I have the image of setting up a weekend newbie boot camp – where I come in yelling at you all at 5 am and have you stand to attention firing ‘newbie’ questions at you – What is a permalink?, What Social Media automatic posting device have you installed ? How high up are you in the Google Rankings ? Quick, answers people, ANSWERS !!! Right you have all failed right there and are never going to to make it. 

So what am I new at ?

 In blogging terms, everything,  the one thing that has been a huge learning curve this week has been joining blogging communities on Facebook – I think I got over excited and joined all the blogging groups I could find – now I am thinking maybe best to just stick to a couple.

I joined in a ‘blog thread’ – wow that was a learning curve of epic scale – The rules are strict , for goodness sake DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PREVIEW UP, I learnt that rule fast – I didn’t even know what a preview was until I got told off for having one up. I left my link and watched my ‘site stats go up and the comments on my blog post come in thick and fast – WOW someone had actually read my post – this was great – the most views my blog had ever had – the issue was that you have to do the same and comment on all the other links – after a whole day of commenting ( rule 2, leave more than one word comments on others posts ) on 1 thousand posts  and after reading a couple of posts  and then learning that you DO NOT LEAVE THE WORDS ‘DONE’ on the Facebook link but you press the ‘like’ button to show you had read the post I was exhausted. After reading others’ blogs was when I started to feel that maybe I should give up on this blogging business …

I saw amazing posts – the graphics, the writing, the sponsorships , the professionalism – I was starting to feel way out of my depth – then the sinking feeling – these people had just read my blog – they must have looked at my blog and thought to themselves – oh bless, she knows nothing, she will not last, where is her product placements, pictures, carefully placed affiliate links  – does she not know that you can’t just plonk ( no that is not a blogging term – should be though ) the Amazon links !

This newbie has also learnt not to obsessively watch her ‘site stats’

I spent the beginning of the week clicking on my WordPress stats ( Jetpack – Widget)  just hoping that someone, anyone, had left a comment – that I had another view or the best of all a follow…My advice is don’t. don’t check , it gets you no-where. If  you are going to check, once a day is enough I think.   

Maybe being a ‘newbie’ is not such a bad thing…

Maybe being a ‘newbie’ has positives… maybe being a ‘newbie’ lets you naïvely start new rules, groups, start new styles of writing or being – that’s how progress is made, how change happen. If we are all the same how boring – well that’s what I think, I am probably way off course and as a ‘newbie’ and  will learn, just as you will .

All I am saying is, have confidence in your own being – you have so many skills, you are an expert in so many things that you don’t even realise. Before you go on write a list of all you are an expert in  – Are you a Parent, a good listener, have a positive attitude you can share with others, books, walks…see, you know more than you think. Wear your ‘Newbie’ Badge with pride – and if be any chance you are a seasoned Blogger reading this – be kind to us ‘Newbies’ we didn’t know that we were not to leave our Preview up x 

Remember a lot of these Bloggers, Business owners have done it for years, of course they know more than you – but take it slow – you don’t need to know everything on day one. Enjoy the Journey not the finished product ! 


Jobs for this week 

For writing skills 

I have found two great sites for writers and – they both have great writer tool kits and Problogger even has a job board where they advertise blogging assignments. 


Try Canva – lots of free templates to use for graphics – already sized for different social media platforms


If you do one thing this week, download an Editorial Calendar it helps get your posts organised a great tool

Best views this week



Build my shop and to be honest I am going to turn off my laptop and make my doggy items for two days ! 

Don’t forget have a fun week blogging and wear your newbie badge with pride

Emily xx  


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How to make a one hundred pound business grow – Week 1

I have read so many claims from very successful blogs, websites – many of them trying to sell me something – they promise me that they can get me 1 million views in a week, have me earning a footballers wage and that in a year of little work I will be sitting on my private island sipping a cocktail.

My best friend, Grace helping me…

I am the little guy, starting out with 100 pounds who wants to make a living, here I am going to share how I am doing, how I am doing it, my realistic views and followers and what works and what doesn’t work. So my claim is …by working hard, not giving up, reading and learning and plugging away see how to make a 100 pound business grow.



As a  novice sole trader and blogger with one hundred pounds to spend I am going to share weekly what I have learnt to build up my business and brand, what widgets I am using, business book helps, finding views and learning about business and what I am planning to do the following week. A fun look at being 40 and starting with not much but enthusiasm and drive…

In this weeks blog –

Two great blogging books I found

Top widgets to add to your WordPress website

How many views I’ve had this week

A bit about me…

So I am forty, and a bit and a librarian with dyslexia ( funny that I manged against all the odds to work in a job that demands I know my alphabet and can write – lets just say I still sing ABC in my head whilst shelving ) anyway that’s another story. Back to me being forty, and a bit and librarian. The libraries are all closing – lack of funds to keep them open. Sad to think of a world without libraries in and the opportunity to have a literary haven that is free to all to explore and learn. Something about walking up and down the slightly dusty isles of  a library discovering more than books but finding inspiration all around you. Sad as I said that it is going because of what is lack of money to fund them anymore.

So, I am losing my job soon, so what I am going to do – of course look for another job, but  honestly  what ? Librarians have a personality of their own – I can’t put my finger on it, but we should be categorised in the slightly quirky section. I don’t do well in interviews, I kind of look good on paper, but when I walk in the door of an interview I can feel the disappointment that I am not as dynamic as I looked to them on paper. I look ordinary –  I am great in a job but I just can’t seem to get that across in an interview – the fear when I get a question like “Tell me about a time when you had to overcome a major obstacle that stood in the way of you accomplishing a goal or commitment.​ How did you approach the situation?​” it instills fear in my even just writing it down – I have a sweat on now…


How I am setting up my blog and business

I thought I would keep this journal so that readers of my funny little blog can follow my business and personal journey – An open book type approach – it is a big thing to bare your soul to the internet. I forget that I am talking to anyone else whilst I tap on the keyboard with a heavy English Bulldog sat on my lap whilst I balance my laptop on the edge of the sofa  watching Saturday Night Takeaway surely this is not what a potential business owner looks like?

I thought I would share what I am reading, following, posting and learning as I try to make a business out of 100 pounds ( not sure at this point if it is possible.)


The first thing I did was spend a week building a logo

I built the logo using downloaded a free Vector image and changed it around using a free trial of Illustrator


So I have 100 pounds to set up my business, as you can see I have named it ‘Yogadogs’, with the tag line “for a dogs healthy mind, body and spirit” – I like it, not sure if it follows the rules of SEO (still haven’t got my head around that one).


I have read something about Google spiders crawling around late at night around the internet deciding which websites are at the top of their Google list. The spiders apparently have the power to make or break your blog – I searched mine after I got to page 15 I gave up – I have a long way to go before the spiders think I am worth a spot on the first page.

Books I have read 

I have set up my blog on WordPress and set up the important widgets as found in the book I am reading; Robin Houghton, Blogging for Writers and Zoe Griffin, Get Rich Blogging.



Zoe Griffens book has been really useful in looking for income revenues – Chapters like ‘Start making money – Direct advertising from day one and improve your income – how to boost advertising revenue.

I love Robin Houghtons, Blogging for writers book, I have post it noted it a lot and keep referring to it, this book is a keeper– do not be put off by the title – I know it says it is for writers but if you think about it all bloggers are writers. This book has a great chapter on the best Widgets to use both on WordPress and Blogger. I will list the ones I have added this week and the ones I am going to try.



I have set up a Facebook group – I have gone for a group and not a page as I am hoping that I can interact with the people on it – I firstly called it ‘All things Dog’ but recently I have changed it to a local group called; ‘ All things Dog, Cornwall, Devon and Somerset’ again I am hoping that this will direct my business to the people most likely to buy.

All things Dog – Join our Facebook page


I am going to post each week what I am planning to do in the coming week, maybe some of it my help you – at the end of the week I will let you know how it went and what I did.

My to Do List – Week one


I am going to get my head around how to use and link to my WordPress account

I am going to make a pintrest pin showing how to make a dog bandanna – I am planning to sell these as well as show how to make.


I am going to change my personal instagram account into my business name ‘yogadogs’ and link to my WordPress account


Nothing this week


I am going to look to see if this is a possible income revenue as I take a lot of photos of my French Bulldog and English Bulldog – thinking I could maybe make a little income off this.


I need to set up a business account so I can start taking payments, send invoices and look and see if I could use this a shop for my dog items

Finance record

I am going to buy an income, outgoing book as I have started to buy a few supplies and I need to know how much I have spent on making an item so I can make a little profit on it


I need to work out where to add an online shop – thinking my options are eBay, Esty, Facebook and on my WordPress blog – I will let you know next week what I came up with – the pros and cons of each one

Revenue sources

I have already got affiliate links and adverts on my blog are from Adsense, Pets at home and Amazon ( think Adsense and Amazon are the easiest to start with as soon as you start your blog.

I have joined – Rakuten Linkshare – this is a 3rd party company where you can request affiliate links with different relevant companies this is how I got adverts from Pets at Home 

Training and learning

Blogpaws – I am doing the get 10K views in a month on your blog, it is free course – it has great advice and assignments to complete.

Bloggers Required – I joined Bloggers Required, I haven’t had a chance to look at what it does yet I will let you know –Bloggers Required

Blogging and WordPress

I am going to add the plugins that the book Robin Hougton, Blogging for Writers suggests these include:

  1. Akismet – protects your blog from spam comments
  2. Jetpack- is a suite of plugins pulled together into one, includes social share buttons and site stats

3.All-in-one SEO pack- this is considered to be one of the top two SEO plugins – the other one is Yoast

  1. WordPress Google Fonts – changes typefaces with a single click

5.Authorsure – this plugin enables your face or logo to show up in Google search results


I am going to download an Editorial Calendar to help me get organized.


I am going to write three blogs a week

  1. How to make a dog bandanna
  2. A review on some healthy dog biscuits I got sent – from my Facebook group
  3. A journal of my business and personal journey – week 2

I am going to download or produce a table of jobs to complete that includes a monthly plan.



Today I only got 12 views, the best I got this week on one day was 51 views and this was through adding my blog to the blog threads on a couple of face book groups.

I am hoping to increase the views this week, I will let you know the numbers and how.

So, this high-flying business women, who is sat on the sofa thinking about eating the apple turnover in the fridge and curl up in bed and read my Get Rich Blogging book is signing off – hopefully I will dream about becoming a 40 and a bit rich, famous, influential blogger who sells a load of dog bandannas !

Night Sweet Dreams xx Emily x

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Time to be a better version of me

It is International Women’s Day, such inspiring stories of amazing I am a women – do I feel that I have succeed, inspired others been influential ? Well, truthfully no I don’t

As a 40 and a bit, cubby old tracksuit wearing woman who has been ‘trying’  her whole life but feeling like she never ‘succeeds’ at anything. Recently I have started to question why that is. As I sit here in my living room looking around at where I am I start thinking to myself – how did this all happen?  How did it happen that I’ve ended up sat in front of a laptop, in a little house living with my husband and parents in law and two dogs on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.

As a little girl I wanted to ‘be’ something, thinking about it now I am not really sure what that means –‘be something?’. Is it to be noticed by lots of people? To be respected as an expert on a subject? To be famous?  To own a highly successful business? I am not sure anymore. I just know that I don’t feel that I am, well, anything.

So how did I end up at 40 and a bit, living with my husband and parent in laws (not forgetting my two dogs) on Bodmin Moor? Chance? Bumbling along and banging into life opportunities and encounters? Again I am not really sure. Is this what my being something looks like…? I hope not.

I have anchors that pin points big life moments – my Mum dying when I was 19 years old and in my first term in University, my daughter being born when I was 20 , again when I was at University and becoming a young single mum, the meeting of my husband at a friend’s retirement party in a night club and the move to Bodmin Moor to live with his parents. Then I have smaller  but still noteworthy moments in my life that have also shaped where I’ve ended up , my Dad moving away to France with his new wife, my sister moving to Australia with her now husband thus leaving me with very little family in the UK.

The thing I am sure of is that I am not where I want to be – don’t get me wrong – I don’t mean in a physical sense, mentally, I know I am not there yet.

How do I know this? Many things highlight that I am not where I want to be… I still have that little green envious monster lurking in the pit of my stomach when  ( by accident, I am not searching) I look at old friends facebook walls and with the help of face book they all look like they have magazine type lifestyles – well worked out beautiful  bodies, happy children, happy marriages, businesses that are doing well etc. So back to me…Do you know the ‘box’ – you know the box others put you in with a big label on – what does your label say – mine says in big bold letters – Not done great

My family have been put me in the ‘messed my life up box’ or in simple terms ‘it’s just Emily’ I know my place, and that is at the bottom of the family ladder of successfulness – the worse thing of being in that box is that I do not have voice. I am only noticed only when I am discussed around the table when I have made or done a life change – I make a good story to tell and gossip about – ‘did you hear? Emily has had a baby at 20?…OMG no really has she, well we are going have to now support her, she will not be able to do that on her own or cope, that poor baby…’ and so on (I would just like to point out that my daughter is amazing – she is in her final year at University heading for a 1st) . I love my family and they are great but I know that I am looked at with that ‘slight pity look mixed with I am so glad I am not her look’

This post sound like a big old moan, I don’t mean it to come across like that I am just trying to understand how I became the grown up version of me…

I am a trier as I said, I strive  to feel that I am something,  successful and respected. I have done many things – a Law degree, working as a librarian, a family venture social enterprise, many evening classes from British Sign Language to jewleraly making – none of these have come to much and I have never felt that I fit into them.

So as I said I don’t feel that I have succeeded in anything, maybe to some it is not important to feel successful or that you have made ‘it’ but to me it is. So to this blog ’ Yogadogs’ – I am a secret blogger – I write in between cleaning the house, in between the yelling’s from my husband of ‘ make the tea love’ or at night whilst everyone is sleeping, I look at the pictures on instagram of the beautiful cream desks, with sewing machines on, shelves above, the odd pot plant  to make the space yen and I can only dream of a work space. Me I am balancing my laptop on my lap on a sofa with a pile of ironing on the side and two dogs draped over the tiny bit of lap I have left – I don’t know why I am writing this blog and setting up a dog brand up in my semi secret way…I am making out it is nothing important, why ?  – I suppose I have little faith in my ability ( with the words of my husband still ringing my ears of – no point you putting any money into this, loads of people are doing the same thing – just make it into a little hobby love’ but it is important to me,   to make a success out of this, to hush the voice in my head telling me I am wasting my time. I need this venture to make ‘it’. Yogadogs is not just about my dogs, it is just as much about me – blogging is not just writing, it involves so much more than that, it is going to put me out there – selling my brand to people, putting my blog and dog clothes out in the market with a absolute belief that it is good and that people will want to buy into it, buy into me…

I felt the need to write this post when I woke up this morning, maybe writing about me it is a leap of faith that I can and will do this. I am writing this between my husband asking me important life questions that only I have the answers– where are my trousers? what is for lunch and look the dog has had a wee on the floor you better wipe that up before it ruins the wooden floor, but through getting out the kitchen roll to clean up dog wee, getting his trousers from where he left them and telling him he was having the gourmet lunch of cheese and pickle sandwiches, I have continued to write this.

I suppose I wanted to understand how I got here, sat in front of my laptop writing a blog and making bandannas for dogs on my little sewing machine. I don’t think I have come up with the answer although maybe it is time to leave my fears behind and  step into the shoes of a business owner and blogger and own who I want to be and keep going.