Puppy charts

Free Printable – Puppy Training, Socialisation Chart

Puppy Socialisation Printable Chart – Week 2 


free printable puppy socialisation plann
                                  Puppy socialisation plan



You have your new puppy and you want it to be a well-rounded, relaxed and happy adult; one of the best things you can do with your puppy is  socialisation exercises .


Print week one if not competed already 

This can be lots of fun for both you and your puppy – the chart are suggestions and if you live in a busy city make sure your puppy experiences all the sounds, smells and people .Saying this don’t forget it is also important for your puppy to experience things you may not meet everyday – think if you lived in the city and never saw a sheep, and then one day you go on a picnic and just as you are taking a bite out of a scotch egg  and along comes a sheep…”What is that?” is what you would be ‘in so many words’ be screaming whilst running away from the white fluffy thing in front of you…what I am trying to say, imagine what your dog would do if the same thing happens – so think of everything

I will produce an empty chart for you to add your own socialisation experiences to fit around your own circumstances. 

For now, here is week 2, although I would use it for 2 weeks as it covers a lot. 

Puppy charts

Puppy Socialisation Plan week 2

Beaches you can take your dog on in Cornwall 2017

Free Printable of All Year Round Dog Friendly Beaches in Cornwall – 2017

Beaches you can take your dog on in Cornwall 2017

Free Printable list of the beaches in Cornwall that you can take your dog on all year round in 2017, including in the summer. Make sure you are not disappointed when you go on your holiday in Cornwall and choose a dog friendly beach that you can all go on.  

Before Easter, in Cornwall, you will find dogs being walked on all the beaches – once the Easter Holiday strikes a many of the beaches become off limits for your dog.

Here I list the beaches, in a free printable booklet,  that are Dog Friendly all year round in Cornwall2017. So if you want your dog to enjoy your holiday as much as you make sure you choose the beach that all the family can enjoy. 

Click here for free printable of Dog Friendly Beaches in Cornwall 2017


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