Hi, My name is Dinky Daisy

And this is my sister Grace



and Mum says that we are the inspiration behind her blog.

Because of us she has set up a Facebook group called  All things Dog which is basically what it says in the title – anything to do with dogs. This blog is an extension to that group – a place for her to write about the ups and downs of owning a dog – well the ups and downs of owning Bulldogs.

She tells us that she is going to make clothes for us, bake and find healthy treats for us and find the best places to walk, and look at the most dog friendly places to visit . We are also going to help her look at what it takes to be a  good dog parent with hints and tips we pick up on the way .Her job is to find the best dog items, and if she can’t find them she will make them.

We are happy to review dog items for you – we are very good at testing dog things, mum also can write for you about most subjects – all you have to do is ask.

So please follow us as we grow up and we love to hear from you so always leave us a comment.