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What is Yogadogs

Yogadogs is a brand of handmade dog items, all made by local crafters, knitters, seamstresses, wood workers etc. We make quality dog items that last and are often made to your own taste and measurements. But that is not it…Yogadogs has turned into a group of social media platforms and this blog.

Yogadogs Facebook Group

Facebook – we have a group of dog lovers, dog businesses, bloggers that share dog information, photos and training tips all based around the ethos of what is best for our dogs. Yogadogs – For a Dogs Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit – we believe if you follow this  you will have a happy, calm best friend for life.

Why not join in and give you and your dog the best advice shared by a group of friendly people who never judge ( believe me, we all have struggled to train our dogs at points or be the best guide to our furry friends that we can be !) Eka Pada Koundinyasana We usually have a laugh about our failures and support each other in getting it right ! 

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Yogadogs Blog

Yogadogs blog has evloved into a couple of elements, posts about dogs, free downloads of charts to help you in training, puppy care and much more. Makes and Bakes for healthy treats and guest posts by people who know what they are talking about – why not have a click around and see what is included.

Another element is how I have been building my business, support in free resouces I have found and used and general blogging and small business info. 

I also have an online shop that sells the dog items that we have made or sourced by local crafters – please take a look and see what takes your fancy !! If you don’t see what you are looking for then just contact me x 

Hope you take something away with you from Yogadogs be it a tip, download or even a smile ! 

Thank you for joining us at Yogadogs